Zasłony, firany, tkaniny dekoracyjne, Białystok

Tkaniny dla zasłon

Create and share emotion.

Inspiration, creation ... Write a story with fibres and paper.

Selection of subtle, natural, contemporary materials.

A delicate palette, refined and current for exclusive decoration.

CASADECO creates a cosy, chic and trendy atmosphere.


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Zasłony, firany, tkaniny dekoracyjne, Białystok

We are a small studio with big dreams and one of those is to see our designs sold in other countries. Had you told me that Poland would be among one of the first I would have thought it unlikely. But to our surprise that is exactly what has happend. We recieved an email from Cezary Lisowski of Wzory Widze who clearly has a passion for and love of design we were delighted to have hime represent our fabrics in Poland.

His online store is a treat for lovers of colour and pattern full of products from the talented Sian Elin, Mini Moderns, Daniel Heath, Ella Doran and ourselves.

I hope to meet with Cezary in person one day soon but until then I asked him some questions to find out more about himself and his love of design.

What started your interest in Design? The presence of beautiful objects in the home was important since I can remember. It was not easy at a time when my parents’ generation had to choose from only a few models of furniture imposed by communism. Fortunately, several beautiful objects were at home with the previous generations. Conscious interest in design was born while traveling and working abroad in Ireland, New Zealand and England. It was fascinating to watch interiors where old items, vintage and modern coexist harmoniously; the past inspires the present.

Starting your own business is hard – what inspired you to take the risk? I won’t exaggerate saying that starting own business in Poland is quite difficult and a bit risky. It was inspired by the desire of independence and the need to share passion. Polish manufacturers still do not offer interesting solutions when it comes to interior design especially in field of wallpapers and fabrics. The idea was to fill this gap by offering products of interesting designers, especially from England.

What is a typical day for you running Wzory Widzę? Depending on scheduled meetings with architects and interior designers, every day work includes checking/adding products, social media, advertisements and most importantly customers’ service. The big part of work is also searching for fresh inspiration on social media and fair trades.

What are your top design trends in Poland? The trend for new designs is minimalistic furniture made from wood and/or metal. There is also huge trend on refurbishing vintage furniture from 60’s and 70’s using designer’s fabrics or simply plain fabrics. On top of that there is strong up cycling and recycling movement which brings very interesting design ideas.

Which up and coming Polish designers should we watch out for? Oskar Zięta, Witamina D Projekt, Mudo Design, ED design for fun, Norla Design


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